6th Call for Research Proposals 2021/2022

 Ethiopian Water Technology Institute is pleased to announce the launching of 2021/2022 Call for Research Proposals

     Thematic Area for This Call: 

  1. Assess and develop Affordable Purification methods of high concentration of florid ions and irons with typical design
  2. Access design and develop small wind turbine for water pump and household electrification for small community
  3. Addis Abeba /Dire Dawa storm water management planning with analytical probabilistic model
  4. Drilling Challenges in complex volcanic system and systematic solutions (the case in continental rift zone, Ethiopia)
  5. Diagonostic  analysis and performance evaluation of irrigation schemes
  6. Optimizing the conjunctive use of surface and ground water for multiple water uses.
  7. Assessing Existing billing system and developing affordable and user friendly Software for onlining water meter & billing system in Ethiopian town category.

Deadline & Duration

  • Duration of a research will be: one year (Max.)
  • Deadline for submitting proposals: Dec. 20/2021

For further information and details, visit www.ewti.gov.et

Get the format for the Proposal here: https://www.ewti.gov.et/standard-format-preparation-research-proposals

Contact Person:              Mr. Abebe Mekonnen   abebemekonnen08@gmail.com  +251114708932;    Mob. +251936137586                            

                                                                                tamenehd@gmail.com                 +251114709338     Mob. +251911434154

                                                                                 ajanaw12@gmail.com                 +251114708247     Mob. +251911358150