Legal Affairs

Duties of Legal Affairs

The main objective of the Legal Service of the institute is to provide legal service. It is also mandated to regulate protocol at various place of employment, ensuring all employees are treated equally and help them lead their lives as a successful professional and responsible citizen.  The law should not be implicated to create fear or panic among people; rather it must be viewed as a base for a civilized society. The key activities performed in Legal Service Office are:-

  • Legal document preparation,
  • Legal advice for the institute,
  • Follow-up of court cases and examining disciplinary cases and
  • Checking and develop contracts between the institute & other organization/s.

Contact Person

              Ato Ashenafi Asrat
             Position: - Senior lawyer Expert
              E-mail: -

             Mobile: - 0912 290217
             P.O. Box: 27676/1000