SpecializedLaboratory Directorate

Specialized Laboratory Services Directorate Duties

The Ethiopian Water Technology Institute was legally established as of August 06, 2013 by Council of Ministers’ Regulation No 293/2013 with the following duty and responsibility “Establish and provide specialized laboratory services by identifying the gaps of other institutions operating in the sector.”

The laboratory has undertaken the following activities in order to achieve the given   duties and responsibilities:

  • It has identified the number of manpower required and in the process of recruiting
  • It has also hired one experienced consultant to strength the skill of the laboratory personnel and guides the establishment of the laboratory.
  •  Carried out gap identification in the sector and the identified gap report validation review workshop was conducted with stakeholders.
  • Training on ISO/IEC 17025 was given to the experts and preparing essential documents of the standard.
  • The construction of laboratory building is started and procurement of the necessary laboratory equipment is in the process.

Works to be done in the future

  • Laboratory furniture design and acquisition;
  • Develop additional documents to fulfill the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory management standard;
  • Organize workshop to conduct stakeholders review meeting on adverse effects of climate change on water quantity and quality and
  • Provide training to the trainees of other core directorates in  the quality of drinking and irrigation water, environmental sanitation, groundwater chemistry, and basic soil physical parameters which are required for irrigation design and also support water TVET  colleges to enhance the skill gaps in laboratory management

The Specialized Laboratory Service Directorate will have the following laboratory in the future to avail its service to the customers

  • Physicochemical;
  • Microbiology;
  • Toxicology;
  • Radioactivity;
  • Aquatic biology laboratory;
  • Material testing  laboratory and
  • Basic soil physical parameters required for irrigation design


Contact Person

            Abebe Gulma

            Mobile: 0911-14-94-68

           Telephone: 011-470-95-58

            E-mail: abebeguluma11@gmail.com